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Introduction to the Fairywren Project

From vibrant colors and enchanting displays to whirling songs and musical calls, Australia's fairywrens have long fascinated scientists and bird watchers alike. Years of research have revealed much about these intriguing creatures, but many questions still remain. The Fairywren Project seeks to bring these admirers together under one common goal to better understand some of Australia's most celebrated birds.

By combining the knowledge obtained from past and current studies of individual populations with observations from citizen scientists across Australia, we hope to better understand how these species vary across their range and what this variation can tell us about why fairywrens are so diverse and how they might change in the future.

Visit our About the Research page to learn more.


Participate in fairywren research

Do you see fairywrens? We’re looking for citizen scientist partners across Australia to help us collect observations of fairywrens and their plumages. Whether you're a serious twitcher or enjoy seeing fairywrens in your garden, your observations help! 

When you submit an eBird checklist, let us know how many individuals of each plumage type you saw in the species comments, separating codes with a space:

b = bright male, i = intermediate male, d = dull male, f = female, j = juvenile, u = unknown dull | Example: 3f 1d 1i 2b

Heard only? Include those individuals in your species total as you normally would. Only submit plumage type observations for the individuals you see.

Visit our Participate page for more instructions on how to take part. For a printable version of the participation instructions click here.


Meet the fairywrens

Photos by Laurie Ross - Tracks Birding and Photography Tours




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